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Deborah Hiatt is nationally recognized as a talented artist of contemporary Southwest imagery. The ability to see life as visions began at the preschool age when her early talents were skillfully nurtured by her mother, Margaret Hiatt, also an artist. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Hiatt majored in Visual Arts and Art History at Moore College of Arts in Philadelphia. During a European tour, she was captivated by the blend of ancient history and modern society. The artist began searching for a subject matter that would quench her desire to portray timeless imagery, to bring the past into the present and immerse the present into the past. Hiatt's skills became more defined during her studies with Robert E. Wood and through her involvement in animation with the Hanna-Barbera Studios in Hollywood, California. However, it was on a trip to the Taos Pueblos in New Mexico that the artist discovered the Native American imagery that was to mark her style. The serenity and the spirituality of the Indian culture immediately touched Hiatt. Deep rich tones bring a sense of spirituality to the images and bold bright shades mark the celebration of the ceremonial dancers. Hiatt's ability to touch the viewer's sense of inner tranquility and beauty makes her one of the most distinguished artists of Southwest imagery. The artist frequently visits the pueblos and cliff dwellings of the Southwest and attends every possible ceremonial dance and powwow. Here she has found a living history. Timeless canyons, ancient pueblos exist for us to see, whose past seems so alive and whose beauty is always awe inspiring. She speaks with sincere respect of this ageless culture and considers it one of her highest honors when she accepted an invitation to stay on a reservation and live among these special people. Many private and corporate patrons are proud to own and display Hiatt's work. The artist's work was also selected by the Denver Symphony Orchestra for their first poster, the 1985 Designer Show house. Deborah Hiatt is a member of the Arizona Watercolor Association, Arizona Artists Guild and an associate member of the American Watercolor Society. In addition, the artist continues to lend her talents to the teaching profession in various painting workshops. Hiatt is now living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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