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"Joe Sambataro was born in 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended the Philadelphia College of Arts, was an honor graduate of the Layton School of Art and also received academic degrees from Marquette University. He earned the first of many art awards at age 15 and has earned many more for his oil paintings, prints and posters. Sambataro's extensive travels have allowed him to paint an amazing variety of subjects and locations, with over 2,500 original impressionist oil paintings and 200 murals sold in his career so far. He is also known for his portraits of famous people, such as Lyndon Johnson, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand and John F. Kennedy, to name a few. He is an active lecturer and judge for art leagues, juried contests, colleges and exhibitions. He believes that one cannot teach the tools for success, but that you just need to have the ability to "see" the image you want to portray. His paintings are in galleries and at retailers around the world, as well as in private and corporate collections. "

Rambling Brook At No. 17

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