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Michael Parkes

Custom Framed
Framed Size:
35.36" x 29.86"
Image Size:
28.5" x 23", Cropped
Black Satin 1.25"
Smooth Black 2.5"
Smooth White 2.25"
Black Satin 1.25"

Smooth Black 2.5"Smooth White 2.25"
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Artwork Description

Like something from ancient mythology, a young, red-haired child blows bubbles into the blue of the sky. She seems unconcerned by the 'Gargoyles" around her, which appear to be coming to life as depicted by Michael Parkes. One of the marble statues breaks free from the architecture and launches himself into mid-air in an attempt to catch the bubbles. Look carefully and you will see that the girl has abandoned her teddy bear, along with her childhood.Michael Parkes, born in 1944, followed the flower child trail of the 60s to study the esoteric doctrines of the east. His work is a mixture of reality and magic, the reality coming from the superb realism of his style; the magic from the ideas inside his head.

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Final Size:
35.36" x 29.86", Cropped
Black Satin 1.25"
Smooth Black 2.5"
Smooth White 2.25"
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Black Satin 1.25"
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