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Nu de Dos


Pablo Picasso

Custom Framed
Framed Size:
18.36" x 20.11"
Image Size:
12.5" x 14.25", Cropped
Mocha Walnut 17060 1.5"
Sage 1.75"
Smooth White 1.5"
Mocha Walnut 17060 1.5"

Sage 1.75"Smooth White 1.5"
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Artwork Description

This stark image, "Nu de Dos", shows the mastery of Picasso. In a quick sketch, using just the contours of the woman's body, he has captured the female figure to perfection. The woman looks so vulnerable, almost as if she is crying and one wonders what the artist and model are talking about. Picasso's mastery of line drawing was astounding. In his lifetime, Pablo Picasso produced many diverse pieces of art.

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Final Size:
18.86" x 20.61", Cropped
Black Satin 1.25"
Sage 2.25"
Smooth White 2"
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Mocha Walnut 17060 1.5"
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